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24-Jul-2017 12:03

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Bret is a "rock star" who has supposedly been with tons of hot women and just can't get enough overt sexuality from his female counterparts.He spends months telling women to act on their sexual desires and try to win his affections by being sexy (and by having sex with him), and then at the very end he decides to go for the woman who wouldn't give it up.(Again, I support Taya's decision not to sleep with Bret, just not the way it was framed by the show.Hell, I don't want to sleep with Bret either.) I saw this season finale as just another subtle reinforcement of the notion that as women we should use our sexuality as a secret weapon against men.

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My brother and I watched the finale together, and we were talking about how with the way the show is set up, it's almost as if 'spend the night with Bret!

Those of you who, like me, have been hooked on VH1's Rock of Love Bus this season (perhaps against some of your better feminist judgment), may have found last night's finale a bit unfulfilling.

Not only was it a challenge to care whether it was Taya or Mindy (the two final contestants) who won Bret's cowboy-hat loving heart in the end, but the episode broke some new and unsettling ground when it came to reinforcing sex and gender-based stereotypes.

(You thought they had already broken all of the available ground and then some, didn't you?

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) This season of Rock of Love Bus kicked off with some vagina shots on top of a bar, so it shouldn't surprise us that it ended with some sex and gender weirdness as well. I will spare those of you non-fans the details of the show's premise and what happened prior to the finale, but if you are so inclined you can find most of that info here.

' is the final "challenge" that the last two contestants have to participate in.

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